How to check screen time on Android Device

How to check screen time on Android Quickly

Controlling the time you and your children spend on mobile and computer devices is really important. Overuse of phone and computer can hamper health. Screen time is the duration of time you spend on your devices ( Android, iOS, computer, iPad etc). With the help of some apps, you can get details of the time you spend on your device.

How to check screen time on Android with Digital Wellbeing on Android device

To turn on Digital Wellbeing, Go to setting on your android phone.

  1. Settings
  2. Digital Wellbeing and parental controls
  3. Show your data

You will see overall time used by you today. Tap on the name of any app to see the amount of time you spend on that particular app.

Digital Wellbeing also provides data related to notifications. You can also get data on how many notification your device received, how many time you opened the particular app.

How to set app timer for limited uses

To set timer for a particular app, open digital wellbeing.

  1. Tap on that particular app
  2. Scrolldown and locate App Timer


To be productive one should utilize time, that’s why this app is so useful to check the time you spend on your devices.

Parents are now using this app to check the time their children uses on smart devices.

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