Difference between rule and law

Difference Between Rules and Laws

Apparently, laws and rules seem to be the same, you may think they are just synonyms but there are some differences between Rules and laws.

Difference between Rules and Laws

Rules focus on individual interest and good.Laws are enforced in the public interest for the betterment of people.
Rules are not as formal as laws. There is no specific format or code to interpret.Laws are written in a specific code or any specific format.
To make a rule, the approval of only a single authority/head of family/head of an organization is sufficient.To make an law effective it must be gone through due processes, like passing president, law ministry, and parliament in case of any law related to India.
A rule can be enforced by a person and institution, organization or company.As laws are applicable to the public, they are decided and enforced by lawful organization constructed by the government.
Rules focus on an individual, so it is applicable outside the territory of any nation/country.Laws are restricted within the boundary of any nation/country i.e. India.
Rules are flexible and the consequence of violation is less.Laws are inflexible, and violation of it may result in imprisonment by authority.
Rules can be termed as a teaching tool to maintain laws.Whereas laws are strict they must be maintained for the public interest.

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