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9 Smart Ways To Earn Money From Facebook [Images + Bonus Tips]

One question always peeped into my mind — with sharing selfies, chatting with friends, can anyone earn money from Facebook?

And I found, anyone can earn money from Facebook in many ways.

With 26 billion monthly visitors, Facebook is the third-largest website and #1 social media platform. Here people from every community are connected, share experiences and knowledge. As per Facebook official data, more than 140 million businesses use Facebook to grow their business, maximize user reach, sell products.

Being an individual Facebook user, how can I earn money using Facebook?

You earn make money from Facebook in 11 ways.

Who can make money from Facebook?

Anybody like you can earn from Facebook. There is no age limit, location limit.

The first and most important thing is the impression. The online market is full of scams and spammers.

Your fans or follower want a genuine person who can guide or motivate them. So you should make your profile strong and genuine.

Put your original picture, business location (if any), contact information to get trust from your customer, followers, and fans.

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What can you sell on Facebook? 

You can sell and almost everything that is available in a local store.

New products, old products, hand-made items, second-hand material, software, service, e-books, whatever you want. It is better not to sell or buy those things that need identity proof, prescription, etc. 

But Facebook discourage selling these illicit things, they are:

  • Alcohol
  • Illicit drugs
  • Tobacco
  • Firearms
  • Animals
  • Real money gambling products
  • Certain healthcare products

Steps to earn money from Facebook Page

Indian’s short news serving media InShort’s journey starts from Facebook. It was providing short news on its Facebook page and now It basically provides news under 60 words.

Growing the Facebook page is not hard enough if you already have an audience, but it is quite challenging to grow a brand-new page.

1. Create a Facebook page

To create a Facebook page you need a Facebook account, and Facebook made it super easy.

Click on the link below and log in using your Facebook profile id and password.

# Step 1: Click here to create a Facebook page and select between Business or Brand and Community or public figure. I shall show you how to create a business page.

Create Facebook business page to earn money from Facebook

# Step 2: Enter the Facebook page name and select category.

Enter page name and category

#Step 3: Upload profile picture. The best image size is 180 x 180 pixels.

Add profile picture to your Facebook page

#Step 4: Next, upload a Facebook cover picture (828 x 315 pixels).

Add cover picture

# Step: Choose a custom username for your page. By default, Facebook generates a username for every page but it is difficult to remember. Make sure to use a short and sweet username. 

Create custom username to make more money from Facebook

Then select the type of call-to-action button. The buttons are:

  1. Book with you
  2. Contact with you
  3. Learn more about your business
  4. Shop now
  5. Shop with you and make a donation
  6. Join your community etc. 
Select call-to-action button

Then fill in necessary details including, your business location, contact details, 

Congratulation! You have successfully created your first Facebook to earn from Facebook. 

2. Select Niche for your Facebook page

Niche means the subject, on which topic you will discuss or put your opinion. Niche for a Facebook page can be anything like entertainment, technology, business strategy, beauty, health and fitness, current affair, etc.

Your target is to make money so choose a niche that is profitable and has demand. 

3. Write post on Facebook page

Start writing posts based on your niche after your Facebook page is ready to publish content.

Mind it, first, you have to give value to your friends and follower, then they will trust you and your product.

Write short experience, share knowledge and share Facebook page link to your relatives and friends.

Step 1: When you have some interested fans and followers (friends and relatives) provides the details of what you want to sell.

Step 2: Add affiliate product link, put own product picture and details, publish sponsored post, publish paid video, etc. 

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Earn Money From Facebook: Method 1

Earn money from selling on Facebook Marketplace

Facebook marketplace to make money form Facebook

This is the section on Facebook where you can sell and buy products, services. Facebook Marketplace is created especially for business purposes. Any user can find you by geographic location, product name, category, etc.

Buyers can contact you, verify the product, negotiate product price, ask for delivery, etc.

Tips to earn more from Facebook Marketplace:

  • Upload a clear picture of the product (you want to sell)
  • Provide a full description.
  • Provide full contact details.
  • Demand the right price with the right product (Trust is important for potential buyers).
  • There can be some negotiation in price, be flexible to it.

Facebook marketplace is a good place to start your online business if you are unable to open your own e-store. (mobile app or website).

Earn Money From Facebook: Method 2

Become a social media manager

You have good knowledge of how to create a Facebook page, how to promote them, how to create ads. Etc. You can get paid by managing others’ accounts.

Business owners, companies, celebrities find someone who can manage their accounts in different names, like, social media manager. Social media account, social media specialist, etc.

As a social media manager you have to manage these works:

1. Drafting and scheduling Facebook posts

2. Responding to comments and interacting with followers.

3. Running and monitoring ad campaigns.

As a social media manager, you can have to manage accounts on other big platforms like Instagram, Pinterest, Linked In, etc. But all are the same type of job, but the strategies are different, you can learn them easily.

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Earn Money From Facebook: Method 3

Social Media Influencer

You have decent fan followings, likes to interact with friends, likes to solve their problems, like you are personally connected with your followers.

This skill can help you to earn money.


Companies and advertisers always finding those profiles and pages that have larger followings to promote their product or their profile. And you will pay it for promoting.

The larger the fan following the better the chance of getting paid.

Earn Money From Facebook: Method 4

Earn money from Facebook by Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is a way of earning a commission by promoting others’ products. When a customer buys a product using your link you will be paid a commission.

Amazon and Flipkart are two big brands, from where you can choose any product to promote them. First, you have to join their affiliate program to get affiliate links for products.

There are plenty of affiliates program to join and promote their product. You can want to sell software, online tools, videos, etc.

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To attract customers you can create discounts and offers for customers.

Facebook provides three types of offers.

  1. In-Store only offers
  2. Online only offers
  3. Combination offers

Follow these steps to create an offer for your customer.

#1. Go to your Facebook page and click on offer as shown in the picture below. 

facebook offer

#2. Next, click on create offer.

Facebook offer dashboard

#3. Choose types of offers and fill up the necessary details.

Types of Facebook offer

Detail includes product details, expiration date, engaging product images, and more.  

Earn Money From Facebook: Method 5

Make money by Sell likes and share

Big brands always want to make their profile strong and favorite to customers. To gain customer creditability they buy likes and shares.

All you have to do is to like their Facebook page and share it with your friends and followers. That’s it.

Selling fake followers and likes is illegal. So, be cautious about it.

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Earn Money From Facebook: Method 6

Earn from Facebook ads

If your page has a large number of followers, your post gets decent views. 

But, what if you just create your page or have only a few followers?

Facebook makes it easy to boost your post as the ads to maximize user reach.

You can target any demographic location, age group, time to run ads, and many other customization options. But for this, you have to pay money to Facebook.

You can do this job on Facebook for other businesses and clients.

Business owners are paying thousands of dollars for Facebook ads, you shout d take the opportunity to income from Facebook.

Earn Money From Facebook: Method 7

Income by Joinning local buy and sell groups

Suppose you want to sell your old bike, handmade saree, handcrafts locally. Facebook made it easy to sell them without any hassle.

Join local buy and sell groups, in your locality and create posts.

You need to create a post about what you want to sell and select other groups for more user reach.

Every buyer and seller group has its own policy, make sure that you have read those policies otherwise, Facebook group admins may remove your post.

Earn Money From Facebook: Method 8

Earn by selling Facebook account

Advertisers and marketers are ready to buy your account if your account has a large number of followers and old accounts. Facebook gives more weightage to these types of accounts. 

They can buy Pages and groups if it fulfills their requirements.

One thing that is really important is popularity and a decent number of followers.

Your turn

Success does not come overnight. It takes time and hard work. I am sure you have rad all time 9 ways to earn money from Facebook. Now it is your time, you can not make anything until your start something.

Don’t lose hope, keep patience and perseverance, and take inspiration from successful entrepreneurs.

If you think Facebook is not a written choice for you then you could try YouTube as the platform to make money. Click here to know more about it. 

FAQ on how to make money from Facebook:

✅ How Much Facebook pays per 1000 impressions (CPM)?

Facebook does not pay for thousand or millions of page views. Facebook pays for 1000 ads impression from your videos.

✅ How to check eligibility criteria for in-stream ads?

1. A page with at least 10,000 followers is eligible for in-stream ads.
2. Your page must generate at least 30,000 1-minute views on videos that are at least three minutes long in the last 60 days.
3. Page owner must be at least 18 years old.
4. Creator must live in a country eligible for an in-stream ad.

✅ Do you get paid if your video goes viral on Facebook?

You will not be paid when your videos go viral or every video gets millions of views unless you are a content creator. To be paid you must sign up yourself into the content creator program and then in-stream ads will be shown on your videos. Facebook pays for 1000 ads impression not on views.

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