How to earn money from blog

How to earn money from Blog: 17 Proven Guides

Want to know, how to earn money from a blog, right? 

You have learned how to make a blog and also putting your effort to create extraordinary content. Then, why will you not want to make money from your blog? Of course, hard work should be paid off. 

Before you dream of becoming rich by blogging, you should learn the exact ways that bloggers use to earn from their blogs. 

If you don’t know how to create a blog. Check out my article’s easy steps to create a successful blog.

How to earn money from Blog: Method 1

Affiliate Marketing

Earn money from affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing is the way of earning a commission by promoting other’s products/services. This is one of the most profitable ways of earning money. I listed affiliate marketing because most successful blogger earns huge money by affiliate marketing. 

All you need to do is choose a product/service from affiliate networks and start to promote them through your blog and social media. When a customer buys a particular product by clicking the affiliate link provided by affiliate networks you get a certain percentage of commission. The amount of commission varies depending on the product. 

You can choose any product from these networks:

  1. Amazon
  2. ShareASale
  3. Commission Junction
  4. ClickBank
  5. MaxBounty

Each affiliate program has its privacy policy. You have to follow their terms and condition to promote them. 

And another issue many bloggers face is the payment issue. If you are a blogger from India or any other country (other than the U.S.), you need to check their payment methods. Most of the affiliate networks pay through PayPal. 

Click here to learn how to start affiliate marketing.

How to earn money from Blog: Method 2

Advertisement (Google Adsense)

Make money from Google Adsense

The easiest way of making money from a blog is through advertisements by Google Adsense. You need to apply Google Adsense to show ads on your blog. After pasting code provided by Google Ads start showing on your blog. You can customize where to show ads and were not. You are paid when visitors click on ads (Cost Per Click). Google distributes 55% of revenue paid by the advertiser to promoters.

To get quick Google Adsense approval you need to follow some tactics including.

  1. Make sure you have added some necessary pages like About Us, Contact Us, Privacy Policy, Disclaimer etc.
  2. You should publish at least 30 blog posts.
  3. Interlink among pages and posts. 
  4. Make your blog mobile-friendly.
  5. Write in those languages that are supported by Google Adsense.

The most important thing you should remember is the traffic. Yes, until your blog is not getting a good amount of traffic nothing will happen. The more the traffic on your blog the more you can earn. 

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How to earn money from Blog: Method 3

Earn from other advertisement networks

Earn money from blog by running other networks ads

Undoubtedly Google AdSense is the easiest and genuine way of earning money. There are plenty of other advertisement networks that serve ads on blogs.

They are:

  2. Infolinks
  3. PropellerAds
  5. RevContent
  6. Viglink
  7. Amazon Display Ads

Google does not provide any reason and suggestion why they disapprove Adsense account. So, sometimes it becomes a hectic task in getting ads by google. In such a scenario these ads networks are in the solution of making money from the blog. If you get permission of showing Ads from more than one network, it is too good!.

How to earn money from Blog: Method 4

Earn money by selling Place for Ads

You can not make huge money from showing Google Adsense or other alternative network’s ads except your blog gets massive traffic. 

Many companies and advertisers are looking at those blogs that are based on their niches and get a good amount of traffic. Because they want to show ads to your blog for promotion and to maximize user reach. Blog owners negotiate the amount directly with clients/advertisers/companies. 

All you need to do is run their ads on your blog in a certain place as per clients’ demand.

Ultimately you are selling a place for showing ads. The point to mark is that there is no intermediate, so earning potential is more than showing ads from the above ways.

How to earn money from Blog: Method 5

Sponsored Post

Make money from blog by  sponsored posts

It is one type of affiliate marketing. You’re getting money by publishing the post. Many bloggers do not like to display ads because it may break site structure and disrupts users’ reading experience. Publishing sponsored post is one of the best ways of earning money if you get a handsome offer from the advertiser. Blogger publishes posts mentioning the quality, features, benefit, price, etc of the product or service that advertiser tells them. 

It is true that advertisers and companies find blogs to publish a sponsored posts. But, you should approach them. Create a resume of your blog, mentioning niche, monthly traffic, blog language, etc, and approach to the advertiser. You should follow their terms and condition and let them know if you have any condition.

How to earn money from Blog: Method 6

Sell own Product

You can easily sell your product through your blog whatever it is a digital or physical product. The most common digital products are:

  1. E-Books
  2. Stock photos
  3. Templates
  4. Graphics

People buy any product that is helpful to them. You should create stunning e-books and graphic with expertise otherwise will not make sense. 

If you want to make available your product in a certain country and location you should mention it. You can sell e-books on Amazon for more earning. 

How to earn money from Blog: Method 7

Sell Online Course to make money

Sell sponsored post

With the penetration of the internet at a much faster rate. The online teaching and learning Industry is booming. People prefer to buy an online course rather than buying e-books. You can sell videos related to your niches like Content Marketing, SEO, Copywriting, Marketing Stratifies whatever you want. E-Books, graphics, templates, checklists are part of the online course that means your online course is the combination of much digital product.

If your blog is created on, then it is super easy, use the Learning Management System Plug in to sell your content. 

How to earn money from Blog: Method 8

Provide freelancing service

You are the blog owner. It is most likely, you know about launching a blog, writing, copywriting, marketing, SEO, etc. By running your blog, you can offer work to others.

The facility is that you don’t need any registration to freelance sites. Just let visitors know that you provide freelancing services. That’s it. Interest clients will contact you. And next steps are collecting the clients’ requirements and negotiating for money. 

You are making money from your blog and from working for others (freelancing). Wow! Sound amazing. 

Get it now

How to earn money from Blog: Method 9

Offer Online consulting

Make money by consulting

Now consulting has become a business. Yes, you have read it correctly. Just like a mentor guide to gain something. You may find many people and companies are proving consultation on LinkedIn, Facebook. But, as a blog owner, you need not create a separate account for making people aware that you are a consulter. 

Just add a separate page describing the details of your service. 

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How to earn money from Blog: Method 10

Earn from writing paid reviews on blog

Review of products is necessary for product awareness and promotion. Many companies and advertisers agree to offer $10-$100 for writing a single product review. Product review guides the user to buy the best product. It has certain formats that give an overall idea about the product with advantages and limitations. 

You have to approach an advertiser for getting the offer of paid reviews. Choose a product related to your niche. And don’t exaggerate about any product, ultimately it breaks trust which is crucial for long-term blogging. 

How to earn money from Blog: Method 11

Start E-commerce Business with WooCommerce

Start e-commerce business

Nowadays it becomes a trend to have a blog page with an e-commerce business. A blog page is one type of user guide about the product or service. With e-commerce, you can sell any type of third-party product with your product. 

If you are using WordPress, it is super easy to integrate e-commerce business with your blog. Just install the WooCommerce plugin and do some customization to get an e-commerce website looks. 

How to earn money from Blog: Method 12

Flipping Website

Earn money from blog by websie flipping

Flipping websites’ means buying a website, optimizing it, and selling it at a much higher price. 

To do these types of business you need knowledge of website structure, marketing, SEO, etc. If you are a blogger, it is most likely you have all this knowledge. 

Buy a website from an auction place like Flippa and improve its looks, add more content, increase traffic and sell it to the same marketplace with 10 times of price. 

It is one of the best ways to make money online. It takes time to rank for any blog with a brand-new domain. For the old domain, the journey becomes easy, you just need to optimize it for better ranking and ultimately more conversion.

Domain selling business works in the same way. It is easy to run both types of business as they are the same type of business. 

How to earn money from Blog: Method 13

Create a paid membership portal

Create membership portal

Just like an online course website, you can convert a blog to a membership portal. People are willing to read valuable content by paying money as a monthly subscription.

You might notice YouTube introduced the premium subscription plan. Similarly, you can create a membership site using a membership plugin on WordPress. 

How to earn money from Blog: Method 14

Double your income by Brand Collaboration

Most affiliate marketers speed up their income by brand collaboration. Sponsored posts, paid reviews are one type of brand collaboration, but they are a one-time process. 

Brand collaboration is the long-term association with a brand/company. If you were collaborative with a brand you have the chance of getting every micro news and core update about the brand. Because you are the promoter of the brands. You can maximize user reach through your blog, social media account, and through your brand.

The bloggers who write about SEO, content marketing, email marketing collaborate with keyword research tool companies like SemRush, Ahref, Long Tail Pro, email marketing tools like MailChimp, ConvertKit, etc. And they earn an extra negotiated commission for every selling. 

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How to earn money from Blog: Method 15

Get public speaking gigs as an influencer

Get public speaking gigs as an influencer

Public speaking is not an easy job but yes you can learn it. If it is your inherent quality, it is too good. You have power in your words. You can influence it. Then, it is a good possibility that you can reach around the world and earn money by using your quality. Build your blog and write your experience and power words that influence people. Over time as you and your blog will be famous. You have the opportunity to promote your brand or another brand. 

But this is not a shortcut process. In today’s world, with plenty of information and resources, it is difficult to influence people. Be consistent and active in your field. Use social media and your blog, over time, definitely you will be successful. 

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How to earn money from Blog: Method 16

Run paid newsletter

Income from running paid newsletter

The newsletter helps to gain recurring traffic on blogs because it gives the remainder to the audience that something valuable content is published to your site. Various magazine company, websites that provide guidance runs paid newsletter. They share their valuable content through email when the user subscribes to it. You can start a monthly, yearly, or lifetime subscription plan.

But yes, your content should be highly useful for your audience. Otherwise, nobody will pay for mediocre or average content. And this process helps you to increase engagement, build community, increase loyal followers.

How to earn money from Blog: Method 17

Host a paid webinar

Host paid webinar

The word Webinar is the blend of Web and Seminar. It is the way of building community wholly entirely online. People can see you, hear your speech, view your videos, chats and even they can directly send messages through live chat. This method is trending now. It helps to grow business, share experience from a single location. 

You can arrange the paid webinar. Yes, your audience will join after paying for it. And the conversion rate through this method is very high. 

How to earn money from Blog: Method 18

Income from Donations

Make money from accepting donations.

The burning example is Wikipedia. Wikipedia does not run advertisements or do affiliate marketing. Then, how do they earn?

If your content solves people’s problems, provide them with useful information. Why don’t they donate to you?

You have to add various payment links to your blog to get a donation. PayPal is one of the best options for an online transaction.

FAQ on How to earn money from Blog?

☑️ How much money can I make from blogging?

You can be a millionaire by blogging. Many bloggers earn six to seven figures from blogging. But it takes time to earn a huge amount from the blog. Many people start blogs but lose patience and give up their blogging career.
Two important factors work behind earning money. Firstly the traffic and secondly the conversion rate. And you have to apply smart tactics that work. There are plenty of ways you can make money as I mentioned above.

☑️ How to make money blogging for a beginner?

The first and foremost focus of a new blogger should be getting traffic. Google indexes billions of pages every single day so it becomes tough to rank on google. On average, it will take 5-8 months to rank on google if you have excellent quality content. The process fastens if you focus on link-building methods after publishing posts.
When you have enough traffic on your blog. Apply the above ways to make money from blogging.

☑️ Best Blogging platform to make money?

The most popular and trustworthy blogging platform is Blogger likes o launch blogs on WordPress because WordPress gives you better customization options and scalability.
With install new plugins you can add many functionalities to your blog. Don’t confuse and Both are blogging platforms, but I am talking about that is an open-source platform.

☑️ What types of blogs make money?

Every type of blog has earning potential. But some niches dominate when it comes to money-making. The most profitable niches are:
1. Tech
2. Health
3. Marketing
4. Gaming
5. Personal finance
6. Child care
7. Pet care
Some high-earning blogs are Huffington Post, TechCrunch, Mashable, Life Hacker, ProBlogger, etc.

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