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11 Actionable Ways To Make Money Online [Without Scam]

There are a lot of ways to make money online. But, are they all trustworthy? Can those methods give you money for life long? If your answer is yes, you need not read this article. Otherwise, stick to me, I will tell you the exact methods to make money online. And I can guarantee you, these methods help you to earn money for life long. 

Instant money-making methods available on the Internet can not make you rich. 

To become really rich, even to become a millionaire, you need to learn some skills, and trust me if you master those skills, no one can stop you from earning money. 

Sometimes it needs some investment to make money but I can tell you some money-making methods to make money without Investment. 

Let’s dive in.

Make money online: Method 1


I always keep blogging at the top of the list.

Yes, this money-making method can make you rich. But my friends, it is not a quick method. You need to gain some skills to start a blog. 

If my 3 to 6 month’s investment can give me limitless money, and happiness, then what’s wrong with it? 

Blogging means writing something online in which you have interest and knowledge, like diary writing.

You can start a blog for free or with some little investment. 

When you publish your article on your blog, people visit your blog and read your writings and they learn something new and gain knowledge.

You might be thinking, how you will make money. 

Google, yes, people reach on your blog through google search and google your pay you money by advertising. There are many advertising programs available for blogs. The most famous and genuine advertising programs are Google Adsense,, Infolinks, etc. 

When you see people are visiting your blog and reading your article daily, you can start affiliate marketing (promotion of product and earning commission), advertising any brand, promoting your own product or course, publishing sponsored posts.

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Make money online: Method 2

Affiliate Marketing

A successful affiliate marketer can fulfill every dream. Yes, affiliate marketing has such potential. 

But, my friend you need to be an expert in affiliate marketing to earn a good amount of money. 

Now the question might arise in your mind, what is affiliate marketing?

Affiliate marketing is a way of earning commissions by promoting some products or services. 

Suppose you are promoting some laptops through your blog and social media, when a customer buys those laptops using your affiliate link, you get some percentage of commission. 

In India, Amazon and Flipkart are two good e-commerce platforms from where you can choose any type of product to promote. There are a lot more affiliate programs available, you can choose anything like software, blogging tools, medicine, online courses, credit cards, etc to promote. 

Make money online: Method 3

Become a freelancer

A freelancer, one who is self-employed, works for a company or client but not being an employee.

Small companies, startups, or business owners need someone to perform some tasks like making a logo, creating a website, creating a presentation, consultation, etc. They hire freelancers and complete their projects or tasks to pay money for them. Sounds Good! Isn’t it?

To be a freelancer you need three things. 

  1. Hard-skills in any particular field.
  2. Marketing knowledge.
  3. Professionally strong profile on social media.

Some Internationally popular freelancing sites are Fiverr, Upwork, PeoplePerHour, Freelancer, Guru, etc. But as a fresher, it is very difficult to get a client or job from those sites.

I suggest you connect to any genuine Facebook group where many bloggers, marketers are connected. And show your sample work to them and ask for freelancing jobs. At the first stage of your freelancing career not focus on money, focus on skill and experience.

Nowadays, content writing, graphic designing, logo making jobs are in high demand. 

Make money online: Method 4

Earn money from YouTube without any investment

YouTube is the second biggest search engine next to Google. 

Every single minute, 500 hours of videos are uploaded on YouTube. 

And 93% of video watchers in India, watch videos on YouTube.

Just like the statistics above, many people are earning a lot of money from YouTube. You can choose any topic to make videos for YouTube, like entertainment, computer knowledge, car repairing, designing, sewing, etc. 

Like Blogging, a YouTuber can make money from YouTube ads, sponsored videos, affiliate marketing, online courses, etc.

Make money online: Method 5

Make money from social media

Social media is not for only entertainment or chatting to friends. It can be your source of income. Yes! You have read it correctly. 

Make money online from social media

After the corona pandemic, every business wants to be in the online world. And They are making social profiles to increase popularity and maximize user reach. 

What you can do to make money:

  1. Become social media manager.
  2. Promote your product or do affiliate marketing through social media.
  3. Make Facebook page and monetize them.
  4. Create an Instagram fan page and make it worthful.

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Make money online: Method 6

Buy and sell domains

Did you hear before this type of business exists?

If you already know about this business, it is good.

Okay, first get an overview of the domain name?

You read my articles and regularly follow me and comment on me through the blog

“” is the domain name of my blog. First I had to buy this domain from a domain name provider, then I connected to a hosting provider and finally my blog became live.

Domain price varies as per its popularity. The most expensive domains are with extension .com, .net, .in (for India) and .org.The more a website or domain gets traffic and becomes popular, its price becomes more expensive. 

You have to find domains at a low cost and sell it for a higher cost.

To be profitable in this business, you need some knowledge in SEO, traffic, conversion, hosting, etc., and all the terms are related to making a blog or website.

The same type of business is flipping websites. Here people buy and sell websites. You can get the price of websites from the website

Make money online: Method 7

Earn money by consulting

Suppose you have knowledge of marketing, fitness, human psychology, writing, or any field. You can sell your knowledge or expertise. 

The best platform to get a consulting job for business, automation, marketing is Linkedin. Make a good profile on Linkedin and connect to related communities and from there you can get a job offer. 

If you want to consult people on fitness, education, whatever you want, then use Instagram and  YouTube and share your knowledge to connect people in this field. 

But my friends, it takes time to earn money online. But, if you have really good knowledge and a good marketing strategy ( again I am mentioning it)  no one can stop you from making money. 

Make money online: Method 8

Income from Online teaching

India’s e-learning market is the second largest after the US, which is predicted to grow by 15.64 percent and increased $48 billion by 2020.

The e-learning industry is growing tremendously. This is one of the most fruitful methods to make money online for students. When I was a student, I used tutoring to earn extra money to spend on my own study. But now the scenario changed, many teachers are earning a handsome amount from tutoring online.

In India Unacademy are Vedantu are good platforms to get an online teaching job. Otherwise, Youtube is a great platform to kick start your teaching career. 

You need a camera, microphone, computer to record and edit videos.

Make money online: Method 9 

Earn from Data Entry Jobs

With the penetration of the Internet, computer literacy is increasing. And data entry jobs are very common jobs that can be done from home. Anyone from housewives to students can make money from data entry jobs without investment and from home. 

Data entry jobs include typing from hard to soft copy, making excel sheets, conversion of PDF to MS office files, making presentations in PowerPoint, etc. 

But data entry jobs are full of scams and frauds. Be safe and alert before assigning a job. 

Make money online: Method 10

Become a Translator

Everybody is strong in their native language. Sometimes learning a second language becomes necessary or self satisfactory. If you are bilingual or polyglot, it is a great opportunity for you to make money. Many websites offer translation jobs for different languages like Hindi, English, Spanish, German, Italian, etc.

The translation jobs are like:

  1. Translation of website content
  2. Translation of video content
  3. YouTube video caption translation
  4. E-book translation etc.

Make money online: Method 11

Become a virtual assistant

A Virtual Assistant is a skilled person who provides home base administrative, technical, and problem-solving assistance. 

They are self-employed, work remotely and help businesses and clients to grow their business and maximize user reach.

You need some skills to be a virtual assistant. The skills include good communication skills, good typing speed, knowledge in Microsoft office work, etc. 

Virtual assistant manager:

  • Attend phone calls
  • Reply to user questions
  • Drafting and sending email
  • Editing
  • Bookkeeping
  • Scheduling appointment
  • Event planning 
  • Tech support

And many other jobs remotely.

Time for Action

Dream big, but don’t spend your whole time dreaming. Nothing is going to happen until you take action. The earlier you start your action, the more possibility of getting success earlier.

I am sharing the knowledge and strategy I use to make money online with or without investment. But trust me, it took a long time to learn and implement all those things. I always share my knowledge that I learn from a lot of mistakes so that you can get early success and lead a happy life. 

If you feel demotivated read my article on inspirational quotes by famous people that definitely inspire you. 

Frequently Asked Questions on how to make money online

🔈 How to make money online?

There are various ways of making money online, but we have to choose the best one that gives us lifetime money. There is no trick that can give you instant money online but it is possible to earn a lot of money from the internet. The best methods I use are blogging, Affiliate Marketing, earning from Social Media, Content Marketing, Virtual Assistant, and consulting Business.

🔈 How to make money online without investment?

Nothing can be gained without investment. You have to invest either money or time. If you invest money your work will do another person, and if you invest your time all the works will be done by yourself. Learn some basic skills, take knowledge, when you become a master in that stuffs, one can stop you from making money online.

🔈 Is it possible to earn from social media like Facebook or Instagram?

Yes, absolutely possible. Many businesses are running only on social media and earning millions of dollars. You need to be focused and strategic in investing your time and, only to make s successful business only on social media.

Quick summary of how to make money online:

  1. Blogging
  2. Affiliate Marketing
  3. Become a freelancer
  4. Earn money from YouTube without any investment
  5. Make money from social media
  6. Buy and sell domains
  7. Earn money by consulting
  8. Income from Online teaching
  9. Earn from Data Entry Jobs
  10. Become a Translator
  11. Become a virtual assistant
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