I am Rupam Maity, founder of this blog RupamMaity.com.

When I was in college, I used to search ‘How to earn money online for my tuition fees?

At that time, I had no mobile phone, I used to go to Cyber Café every week and searched for ways to earn money. At that time, I wanted to earn only Rs 500-1000 rupees.

I didn’t think of becoming rich or earning rs 50,000 per month.

Then, I bought my first smart phone and applied many online and offline money making methods, but…………..my bad luck!

In this ways, I tried about 70-80 money making methods.

Yes, I earn a few rupees from some of those ways, but I could not find permanent solution.

One day, I read an article from a book, that completely changed my thought. And I realized, I need to gain some skills to earn money.

After that, I focused to learning and automatically my source of earning gradually increased.

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