Most Expensive Jewelry in the World

10 Most Expensive Pieces of Jewelry in the world: 2021

Most Expensive Pieces of Jewelry

Almost everyone has a love for jewelry, especially females. To make anyone good-looking dress as well as jewelry is important. Expensive gadgets, mobiles, cars, dresses, jewelry, and staying in luxurious houses or in hotels are dreams and very few can fulfill these dreams. Without much delay, let’s have a look, till now, which is or are the most expensive pieces of jewelry in the world, are made in this beautiful world.

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#10. The Winston Blue

The Winston Blue, the most expensive diamond

Value: $23.8 MILLION

This jaw-dropping13.22 carat piece was acquired by Harry Winston and named in honor of the company’s legendary founder by its CEO, Nayla Heyek. The approximately $1.8003 million per carat price paid for the 13.22-carat diamond is a world record for a blue diamond. This perfect pair is a fancy vivid blue, Internally flawless, and 13 carats in size just like the Blue Moon diamond. It is less saturated in color, showing the individuality of fancy blue diamonds: each has its own hue and personality.

#9. Hutton-Mdivani Jadeite Necklace by Cartier

Hutton-Mdivani Jadeite Necklace by Cartier

Value: $27 Million

 It was created by Frank Woolworth as a wedding present for his daughter. It comprises 27 large jadeite beads of splendid color, with diameters ranging from 15.4 mm to 19.2 mm. Each bead in the necklace measures over 15 mm in diameter and all beads were carved from the same boulder. The beautiful necklace, mounted by Cartier with a beautiful ruby and diamond clasp, was a wedding gift for her first marriage, in 1933, to Prince Alexis Mdivani.

#8. The Orange Diamond

The Orange Diamond, one of the most expensive diamonds

Value: $36 MILLION

The Orange, a 14.82-carat fancy vivid diamond with VS1 clarity, smashed records when it hit the Christie’s Geneva auction block. What gives these types of stones s their unique hue with the presence of nitrogen – which is the same element responsible for the color of yellow diamonds. At almost $2.4 million per carat, this jaw-dropping gem also sets a world record price per carat for any colored diamond sold at auction.

#7. Pink Emerald-Cut Graff Diamond

The most expensive jewelry in the world

Value: $46 Million

This Diamond is graded as “Fancy Intense Pink” by the Gemological Institute of America. Graff purchased the 24.78-carat emerald-cut fancy intense pink diamond at a Switzerland auction in November 2010 for $46 million. The jewel is mounted in a ring flanked by Graff’s shield-shaped diamond shoulders.

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#6. Blue Moon of Josephine

Blue Moon of Josephine, The most expensive jewelry in the world

Value: $48.4 MILLION

The Blue Moon of Josephine was discovered in 2014 from the mines of South Africa. The diamond is the largest cushion-shaped blue stone classified as “fancy vivid” ever to appear at auction. In 2014, this diamond was bought by the convicted felon fugitive Hong Kong billionaire Joseph Lau Luen-hung. The “Blue Moon” sale, according to David Bennett, the head of Sotheby’s international jewelry division, set a record for the highest-ever price per carat and also made the diamond both the most expensive jewel ever sold at auction and the world’s most expensive diamond, regardless of color.

#5. L’Incomparable Necklace

L’Incomparable Necklace, The most expensive jewelry

Value: $57.5 MILLION

 This gem was unveiled by the internationally acclaimed Mouawad jewelry company and still has the honor of being the most valuable piece of its kind in the world.

This gem is decorated with 90 white diamonds of 230 carats which include 35 round-shaped diamonds, 9 heart-shaped, 27 pear-shaped, 5 cushion diamonds, 5 emerald-cut diamonds, 3 Asscher-cut, 4oval, and 2 radiant diamonds.


The most expensive jewelry

Value: $72 MILLION

In 1999, This Pink Star was mined by a renowned, international corporation of diamond miners, De Beers, from South Africa. The Gemology Institute of America has graded this stone as the largest Internally Flawless, Fancy Vivid Pink diamond known to this day. In 2013, Étoile Rose was known to be the most expensive diamond in the world.

#3. Wittelsbach-Graff Diamond

Wittelsbach-Graff Diamond, the most expensive jewelry

Value: $80 million

The original owner of Wittelsbach-Graff Diamond was Nawabs of Punjab. It was discovered in an Indian mine in the 1600s. It is also rumored that this diamond had been owned by King Philip IV of Spain and included in the dowry of his daughter Margarita Teresa upon her engagement to Emperor Leopold I of Austria in 1664. In 2011, the diamond was sold for over $80 million to its current owner, a member of the Qatari royal family.

#2.  Peacock Brooch

The peacock brooch

Value: $100 MILLION

The Peacock Brooch made by Graff Diamonds. It was first released in 2013 at the TEFAF art fair in the Netherlands. It is shaped like a peacock with fanned feathers, contains a total of 120.81 carats and over 1,300 stones in white, yellow, blue, and orange diamonds, and a very rare, dark blue pear-shaped diamond sits at the center and alone totals 20.02 carats.

#1. The Hope Diamond (Most Expensive Pieces of Jewelry in the world)

The Hope Diamond, the most expensive jewelry in the world

Value: Approximately $250 MILLION

The Hope Diamond, the most expensive and perhaps the most famous jewel in the world, is a 45.52 carat blue stone known as the Hope Diamond.

It was discovered in Golconda mines in India, and with time has changed the hands of several owners. In 1949, it was purchased by Harry Winston who ultimately donated it to the Smithsonian institution where it is displayed even today.

In 1792, the most expensive diamond was stolen from the royal family and cut again. The largest section of what remained of the diamond was named Hope upon its appearance in a London banking family’s gem collection in 1839 and their last name was Hope.

A quick view of the Most Expensive Pieces of Jewelry in the world:

  1. The Hope Diamond (Most Expensive Pieces of Jewelry in the world)
  2. Peacock Brooch
  3. Wittelsbach-Graff Diamond
  5. L’Incomparable Necklace
  6. Blue Moon of Josephine
  7. Pink Emerald-Cut Graff Diamond
  8. The Orange Diamond
  9. Hutton-Mdivani Jadeite Necklace by Cartier
  10. The Winston Blue


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