How to reset Windows 11 without losing files

How to reset Windows 11 without losing files: Without any software

Microsoft recently released Windows 11 with some basic to advance changes. The major change we can see in Windows 11 is the appearance and glossy look that were absent in the previous versions. The major problem user face is the slowdown in computer speed, that is very frustrating and annoying. One of the best solutions for fixing of slowing down any computer (PC or laptop) is RESET. Luckily Windows 11 has provided the option to reset your pc without losing your important and loving files and data. We can quickly reset our Windows 11 pc without losing a single file, let’s see how to reset Windows 11 without losing files.

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Steps to reset Windows 11 without losing files

Step 1: Go to settings. To open settings press Windows Key + I otherwise type settings at the search bar, you will find settings then just click on it.

Open settings to reset windows 11 without losing files

Step 2: Now go to the System tab.

open system to reset windows 11

Step 3: Scroll down to reach Recovery. Click on it.

Recovery option in Windows 11

Step 4: Click on the Reset button on the right side of Reset this PC.

Reset Windows settings without losing files

Step 5: As soon as you click on the Reset button a new window will open. Between the two options,

  1. Keep my files, and
  2.  Remove Everything

Chose the first one, i.e. keep my files.

Keep my files while resetting

Step 6: Now, select how would like to reinstall Windows 11? Select between two options.

  1. Cloud Download (strong internet connection required)
  2. Local reinstall
Cloud download in Windows 11 before resetting

If you have an active internet connection with high speed they choose the first option, it needs almost five GB of data to download Windows 11. Cloud Download option is the best solution to reset your pc as it downloads fresh windows 11 files and then installs them.  Select Local reinstall if you want to reinstall Windows from files on your pc.

Step 7: Just click on Next in the additional settings window.

Step 8: Review the settings and click on Reset.

Ready to reset this PC in Windows 11

Now sit back and relax windows will do automatically all the things that need to be done. Make sure your internet is working fine and the power supply is on. It is recommended to keep your pc plugged in otherwise another major failure may happen.

1. When do you need to reset your Windows 11 pc?

  1. If you change wrong value in registry files
  2. You are facing problem due to change in some settings but you forgot it or did unknowingly
  3. If you want to speed up your pc. etc

2. Can I reset my PC without losing everything?

Yes, Just follow the method to reset your Windows 11 pc to secure your important files while resetting. Settings>System>Recovery>Reset Pc> Keep my files/ Remove everything> Cloud Download/ Local reinstall> Next> Reset

3. How often should you reset your PC?

It has no exact answer. When your feel you are facing problems with your pc then you can choose reset as an option to run your pc well.

4. Does resetting the PC make it faster?

Yes, resetting makes the PC temporarily faster. Gradually, history, cache files, thumbnails stores in the system and it starts to be slow.


Settings>System>Recovery>Reset Pc> Keep my files/ Remove everything> Cloud Download/ Local reinstall> Next> Reset – this is the one-line short method to reset quickly windows 11 without losing files. Resetting Windows solves many problems like changing settings unknowingly, changing a wrong value in registry files, lagging pc, driver problem, etc. If you face any difficulty while resetting Windows 11 in your system please let us know.

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