How To Change Default User At Startup in Windows 10

How To Change Default User At Startup in Windows 10

Windows automatically sets the newly created user account as the default user. When you start windows 10, it’s loads with the newly created account. Sometimes users want to boot their account with local account rather than an Admin account. It is very frustrating to select and put a password every time windows boots. You can easily change the default user at start-up in Windows 10/8/7.

Le’s see the process.

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Change Default User At Startup through control panel

Step 1: Type the control panel in the search bar and open the app.

control panel

Step 2: Change View by option (at the upper right corner of the window) and set it to Large icon.

Step 3: Click on User Accounts.

user accounts

Step 4: Go to Manage another account.

Step 5: Now select the Local Account as the default account.

change default account at startup

This is the process to Change Default User At Startup in Windows 10. Otherwise, add new users. You won’t see the personalized setting that you have done in the previous default account in Windows 10.

FAQ on Change Default User At Startup

➦ How to change a Windows 10 user account type?

Follow the process
Step 1. Open Settings.
Step 2. Click on Accounts.
Step 3. Click on Family & other users.
Step 4. select the user account under the “Your family” or “Other users” section,
Step 5. Click the Change account type button.
Step 6. Select the Administrator or Standard User account type.
Step 7. Click on OK.

➦ How to delete a user profile from Windows 10?

Step 1: Open Settings.
Step 2: Click on Accounts.
Step 3: Select Family & other users on the left panel.
Step 4: click on the name of the account you want to remove.
Step 5: Click on Remove.
Step 6: Now click on “Delete account and data”
That’s the process.

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