Disable animations in Windows 10

How to disable animation in Windows 10

Animation makes Windows looking good, but for a low specification computer, it may create a loading problem. Slow boot, loading is taking too long, hanging and freezing of your Windows 10 computer may happen if the animation is enabled. So many users prefer to disable animations to increase productivity and fast action. I also suggest, one of the best ways to fast computer is to turn off the animations. Let’s see, how we can disable animation in Windows 10 computer.

Steps to turn off/disable Animations in Windows 10

Step 1: Open settings, to open settings press Windows Key + I at the same time. You can search it on the search bar, just type settings, and click on the suggestion provides by Windows.

open settings

Step 2: Go to Ease of access.

ease off access

Step 3: Now, click on Display on the left panel.

turn off/disable animations in Windows 10

Step 4: Scroll down, you can see Simplify and personalise Windows as the heading, under this, Show animation in Windows is available. Toggle it to the off position.

Finally, the animations in your Windows 10 computer is turned off.

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