How to fix can't play video or Audio 0x887c0032 error in Windows 10 [Solved]

How to fix can’t play video or Audio 0x887c0032 error in Windows 10 [Solved]

Windows media apps have been improved over times, and now they support more type of media files than that of the older version of Windows. Still, many user face issues with movies and TV app, Media Player and Groove app. Windows build media apps simply shows ” Can’t play” and shows error code 0x887c0032 when users try to play a media file. Don’t worry, I have compiled 5 solutions for this 0x887c0032 error.
Let’s fix it.

The reason behind Can’t play error or error code 0x887c0032

  1. If you change the location of a media file and Windows media apps can’t detect the location, this error may occur. For renamed, removed or deleted files Windows media players show the same error message.
  2. The glitch in Windows Audio Endpoint Builder may create this issue. Windows Audio Endpoint Builder service is associated with playing audio and video. So, a glitch in this service can create the same error.
  3. If Windows media players are not updated or there is an issue with these apps, this error may arise.
  4. Graphic driver plays a vital role in playing Video file. The outdated or improper graphic driver can create an issue.

How to fix can’t play video or Audio 0x887c0032 error in Windows 10

Solution 1: Restart your PC

Restarting PC solves many problems, because services and drivers stop working and load a fresh. The error code 0x887c0032 can be fixed by restarting.

1. To restart your PC, click on start icon, then click the Power button.

2. Click on Restart.

Your computer will shut down and boot again. After restarting check if the error can’t play video or Audio 0x887c0032 error in Windows 10 fixed.

Solution 2: Run Audio and Video troubleshooter

As Movies and TV and Groove Music are Windows apps, running troubleshooter can find and fix the error the 0x887c0032 error.

1. Type troubleshoot on the search bar and open Troubleshoot settings.


2. Click on playing audio to find and fix problems with playing sounds.

playing audio troubleshoot

3. Click on Video playback to find and fix problems with playing movies, TV shows or videos.

Video playback troubleshoot

4. Windows troubleshooter will scan your system and collect issues with your system. It will show you the list of possible solutions.

5. Click on suggested item and it will be fixed.

Now play a media player and see media file are playing.

Solution 3: Start/stop the Windows Audio Endpoint service

Resetting Window Audio Endpoint service is one of the solutions of the can’t play video or Audio 0x887c0032 error in Windows 10.

1. Type services on the search bar or press Windows key + R to open Run.

2. Then type services.msc and hit Enter.


3. Scroll down and locate Windows Audio Endpoint service.

4. Double-click on it and check if status type is state to Automatic. If not, set it to Automatic.

Windows Endpoint Builder

5. Click on Ok and click restart the service on the left panel.

Restart Windows Audio Endpoint service

Play a media file and see if media files are playing smoothly. If not, then try the next solution method.

Solution 4: Reset Movies & TV and Groove Music apps

Resetting an app clears its temporary data and cache data and settings. Resetting is a way to fix the error can’t play video or Audio 0x887c0032 error.

1. Go to setting by pressing Win key + I or click on start and select setting on the left panel.

2. Click the Apps button.


3. Navigate the app, you are facing issues, click on advance options.

Advance options

4. Scroll down and click the reset button. It will ask you if you agree with permanently deleting app data. Click on Reset again.

reset media player

Reset both Groove and Movies and film app, if they both creating problem. Now play a media player and check if the can’t play video or Audio 0x887c0032 error in Windows 10 is solved.

Solution 5: Update Graphic driver

Outdated graphic driver or GPU can be the reason of the problem can’t play video or Audio 0x887c0032 error. Choose the proper driver and keep it updated.

1. Open device manager. Press Win Key + X and click on Device Manager.

device manager

2. You will see list of category of drivers. Click on Display Adapters.

3. Under the Display adapter, you will see the installed graphic drivers. Right-click on it and select properties. Check if it is working properly.

update display driver

4. Move to Driver Tab and click on Update driver.

update driver

5. Click on search automatically for updates driver software.

It will take some time to search the updated driver version online and install it. Make sure your internet connection is active.

If Windows find any driver update it will install it. otherwise, you will see the best driver is already installed. Restart your PC to take effect of the updated driver and play media files to check if the problem can’t play video or Audio 0x887c0032 error in Windows 10 is fixed.

Solution 6: Use another Audio/video player

If none of the solutions works. You can switch to a third-party media player. VLC player and KM player are two most installed media players.

Click here to download VLC Player

Click here to download KM Player.

Download the .exe file and install it. Change the default app for media file so that these types of files open in installed software.

To change default app, follow these steps.

1. Type default and open default apps. Click on Music Player and choose an app (Windows Media Player is the best)

default apps

2. To change default video player click on video player and choose VLC player or KM player from the list.

That’s the process. Now enjoy music and video without any interruption.


If this guide help you to fix can’t play video or Audio 0x887c0032 error in Windows 10, let us know which solution works for you. Comment below, if your face any other issues or error.


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