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How to Log In to a Windows computer without a Keyboard

Have you ever faced a problem with your computer keyboard and unable to log in? Fortunately, Microsoft has provided options to log In to a Windows computer without a Keyboard. Let’s see how you can do this.

Log In to a Windows computer without a Keyboard

Step 1: Turn on your computer.

Step 2: Look around your computer screen until you find the Ease of Access Center symbol. On Windows 10 it generally situated on the lower right corner.

Step 3: Click on the symbol and select the On-Screen Keyboard.


Click on the on screen keyboard

Step 4: Now click on the login field and type password by clicking on the on-screen keyboard.

The on-screen keyboard interface is almost the same as the physical keyboard. After login to your system, minimize the keyboard if needs for another function. If you close the on-screen keyboard you can launch it through settings.

How to launch on-screen keyboard on Windows 10

If you want to use the touch keyboard button, right-click on Taskbar and select Show touch keyboard button. A small keyboard icon will show the right side of the taskbar, click on the icon to launch the keyboard.

Otherwise, launch it from settings, although the interface of these type two type of keyboard is different.

Step 1: Go to settings by clicking on the start icon and then select Settings on the left bar.

open settings

Step 2: Head over Ease of Access.

Click on ease of access

Step 3: Scroll down and click on Keyboard.

Step 4: Find use on-screen keyboard option and then toggle the switch on position to launch it.

Log In to a Windows computer without a Keyboard

I hope you have learned how to Log In to a Windows computer Without a Keyboard, it is very useful when your keyboard stops working or broken.

Stay updated and protected. If you face any difficulties with your device let me know, I will be right back to you.

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