Most Secure Messaging app

Top 5 Most Secure Messaging app in 2021

Most Secure Messaging app

Data is wealth. Every personal data is valuable. If your personal information is stored by anyone, he/she can use your data to his/her benefit, and it is your great loss. Here is the list of the top 5 Most Secure Messaging app (in 2021) that protect your privacy.

Recently, people are asking which messaging app is most secure, as security is a great concern, and it should be. Facebook-owned WhatsApp recently sending a notification to the users that they will collect personal data from WhatsApp and will send it to Facebook. After this notification, people expressed their worries, if they should still use WhatsApp or not.

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1. Signal Private Messenger (Most Secure Messaging app)

signal private messaging app

Signal is developed and runs by a non-profitable organization. Till now, it is the most secure private messaging app. Only the sender and receiver can read and see the messages, even the Signal app developer/organization can not read users’ messages.

Cost: free

Location: USA

Top features or Signal:

  • Open-Source
  • Self-destructing messages after a given time frame
  • Security reset (user can reset security anytime)
  • Encrypted stickers
  • Encrypted Group chat
  • Stop showing link preview (that may send data to a third party)

2. Telegram

telegram app

Telegram is one of the most downloaded and used messaging apps. Telegram does not provide end-to-end encryption in chats unless the secret chat is enabled. It has self-destructing chat features. It is most knows for its no limit in media file size and chats.

Cost: free

Top features of Telegram:

  • Open API and protocol
  • Messages are destroyable within a time limit
  • No limits on the size of media files and chats
  • Group chat up to 200,000 members
  • Private messages can be self-destructive
  • Servers are distributed globally for speed and security

3. iMessage

imessage app

iPhone users need not go anywhere for security as iMessage is a secure app. Messages stored in the cloud are encrypted by keys controlled by Apple. Not just on iPhone, iMessage is available on iPads and macOS devices as well. One handy feature is that you can add YouTube videos, Spotify links, photos, videos, etc. in messages without ever leaving the app.

Cost: free

Tip features of iMessage:

  • Backup of messages through iCloud
  • Use Internet instead of phone network while communicating with other iOS or macOS users
  • Customization of message profile/personality with GIFs, animations, and Emojis

4. Viber

viber messanger

Viber is a cross-platform encrypted messaging app that was initially available on the iPhone but not available on all devices. Previously it did not provide end-to-end encryption but now in their latest encryption technology, Viber has introduced the end-to-end encryption service on all the available platforms- Mac, PC, iOS, and Android. 

Cost: free

Top features of Viber:

  • Lots of stickers and use can create stickers in the app
  • Group Chats with unlimited members
  • Verify identities with whom you’re chatting by exchanging secret keys
  • HD video calls
  • Service Messages
  • Instant Voice message

5. Silence

silence app

Silence works like an ordinary SMS application, so it requires no server or internet connection on your phone. It uses Axolotl encryption protection to provide end-to-end encryption to other Silence users. Silence is regularly checked by security experts in public view to make sure the code hasn’t been unlocked by any third party or government agency.

Cost: free

Top features of Silence app:

  • No servers or internet connection required
  • Open Source
  • Messages encrypted locally by Axolotl encryption
  • Prevent chats from being screen-shotted at the other end

End-to-End encryption Infographic (Clear picture about end-to-end encryption)


➡ What is end-to-end encryption?

End-to-end encryption means encryption of communications in order to make information unavailable to third parties. So when two or more devices communicate via an app that features this level of encryption, the information will be transmitted using a secret code rather than insecure plain text. The secret code changes many times and from this secret code anyone cannot decode users chat.

Now, it is your turn to decide which one you will use from these top 5 most secure messaging apps.

Quick Summary of the top 5 most secure messsaging apps:

  1. Signal
  2. Telegram
  3. iMessage
  4. Viber
  5. Silence

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