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How to take screenshot on Windows 10: Easiest ways with images

Taking screenshot on Windows is very easy. There are a number of ways of taking screen shoot on Windows 10/ Windows 8/ Windows 7. To take screenshot you need to press some key combination and some times may use mouse to capture a specific area. It takes two simple steps; Step 1: Capture image and Step 2: Paste image. The easiest way of taking screenshot is Win key + Print screen key (Prt Scr) because you need not do extra task.

How to take screenshot on Windows

Step 1: Capture the image

First you need to capture image and need to paste it to paint app. Windows provides a couple of methods to capture desktop or laptop screen. Here are those combinations.

Basically, Print Screen (PrtScn) key and Windows (Win) key, combination is used to capture image of screen.

Print Screen (PrtScn) : By pressing the key, windows capture entire screen. If you are using multiple screen, windows captures all. But, user who presses the key can not see any effect after that. Windows copies the image to clipboard, it needs to be pasted on app such as paint.

Alt key + Print Screen: These key combinations helps to capture the single window. Here is also same, user can not see any effect as the captured image is copied to clipboard. It needs to be pasted on an app same as before.

Win Key+ Print Screen: Use of these key combination is also capture the entire screen but user will see some effects. The entire screen blinks one time and captured image saves to screen shoots folder. As captured image automatically saves, it needs not to paste. You can see the captured image in C:Users<user name>Pictures>Screenshots on your PC.

Win key + Shift + S: You can capture screen shoot using Snip & Sketch tool. Press the key combination after opening the app, screen will dim. A new menu will show at the top of the app with capture options: RectangularFreeformWindow Snip, and Fullscreen Snip. Choose any of the type of image.

Win key+ G: Press these key combination to open game bar in Windows 10. C:Users<user name>Videos>Captures by default. Now click on Capture button and then the camera icon. Windows saves the captures image to C:Users<user name>Videos>Captures by default.

Win key + Alt + Print Screen: These combination works in game bar. To open game bar press Win key and G. Now press Win key + Alt + Print Screen to capture the entire screen. By press this the tool saves the image to C:Users<user name>Videos>Captures by default.

Step 2: Open paint and paste the captured image

Paste captured image on print app

Open the print app in windows. To open this app, type print in the taskbar’s search bar. And click on paint app. After paint app is opened, press paste command; Ctrl key + V, you can to this by clicking paste button on the paint app..

Where are the keys located on keyboard

Win key: At the down left of your keyboard.

windows key

Print screen key (Prt Scr): At the upper right of your keyboard.

print screen and Windows key


You have seen the number of ways of taking screenshot on Windows. You can apply the convenient way to you.

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