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All Useful and essential Windows 10 Keyboard Shortcuts

Windows 10 is an advanced operating system released by Microsoft ever. The new features and appearance with new security updates becoming amazing day by day. Keyboard shortcuts help to navigate options quickly. Some tasks are mundane, keyboard shortcuts will make this process quick and interesting.

If you are new to Windows you may not use keyboard shortcuts. Using keyboard shortcuts you can do a lot of things in very little time. Here is the list of useful Windows 10 keyboard shortcuts.

Windows 10 Keyboard shortcuts

Windows logo keyOpen and close the Start menu.
Windows logo key +1, Windows logo key +2, etcSwitch to the desktop and launch the nth application in the taskbar. For example, Windows logo key +1 launches whichever application is first in the list, numbered from left to right
Windows logo key + AOpen the action center.
Windows logo key + B Highlight the notification area.
Windows logo key + CLaunch Cortana into listening mode. Users can begin to speak to Cortana immediately.
Windows logo key + DSwitch between Show Desktop (hides/shows any applications and other windows) and the previous state.
Windows logo key + E Switch to the desktop and launch File Explorer with the Quick Access tab displayed.
Windows logo key + H Open the Share charm.
Windows logo key + I Open the Settings app.
Windows logo key + K Open the Connect pane to connect to wireless displays and audio devices.
Windows logo key + L Lock the device and go to the Lock screen.
Windows logo key + MSwitch to the desktop and minimize all open windows.
Windows logo key+ O Lock device orientation.
Windows logo key + P Open the Project pane to search and connect to external displays and projectors.
Windows logo key + R Display the Run dialog box.
Windows logo key + SLaunch Cortana.2 Users can begin to type a query immediately
Windows logo key + TCycle through the apps on the taskbar.
Windows logo key + ULaunch the Ease of Access Center.
Windows logo key + V Cycle through notifications.
Windows logo key + XOpen the advanced menu in the lower-left corner of the screen.
Windows logo key + ZOpen the app-specific command bar.
Windows logo key + ENTER Launch Narrator.
Windows logo key + SPACEBARSwitch input language and keyboard layout.
Windows logo key + TABOpen Task view.
Windows logo key + Plus SignZoom in.
Windows logo key + Minus SignZoom out.
Windows logo key + ESCAPEClose Magnifier.
Windows logo key + LEFT ARROWDock the active window to the left half of the monitor.
Windows logo key + RIGHT ARROWDock the active window to the right half of the monitor.
Windows logo key + SHIFT+UP ARROWMaximize the active window vertically and horizontally.
Windows logo key + DOWN ARROWRestore or minimize the active window.
Windows logo key + SHIFT+UP ARROWMaximize the active window vertically, maintaining the current width.
Windows logo key + SHIFT+ DOWN ARROWRestore or minimize the active window vertically, maintaining the current width.
Windows logo key + SHIFT+LEFT ARROWWith multiple monitors, move the active window to the monitor on the left.
Windows logo key + SHIFT+RIGHT ARROWWith multiple monitors, move the active window to the monitor on the right.
Windows logo key + HOMEMinimize all nonactive windows; restore on the second keystroke
Windows logo key + PRNT SCRNTake a picture of the screen and place it in the Computer>Pictures>Screenshots folder.
Windows logo key + CTRL+LEFT/RIGHTarrowSwitch to the next or previous virtual desktop.
Windows logo key + CTRL+DCreate a new virtual desktop.
Windows logo key + CTRL+F4Close the current virtual desktop.
Windows logo key + ?Launch the Windows Feedback App.

Windows 10 Keyboard shortcuts for Browser (for Microsoft Edge, Chrome, Mozilla and others)

Ctrl + TOpen a New Tab
CTRL + WClose current tab.
Ctrl + DIt enables the bookmarking of the current page
Ctrl + LIt highlights the URL of the page.
Ctrl + TabIt switches through the currently open tabs.
CTRL + SHIFT + TOpen previously closed tab.
CTRL + 1 to 8Switch to the tab of the corresponding number from left to right.
CTRL + NOpen a new browser window.
ALT + F4Close the current browser window. This keyboard shortcut works across Windows.
ALT + HomeOpen the home page.
F11Go Fullscreen.
Backspace or Alt + Left ArrowGo back.
ALT + Right ArrowGo forward.
F5 or CTRL + RReload the current page.
EscStop the loading of the web page
CTRL + PPrint the web page.
CTRL + HOpen browser history.
CTRL + JOpen downloads history.
CTRL + DAdd the current web page to the bookmarks.
HomeGo to the top of the web page.
EndGo to the bottom of the web page.
CTRL + FSearch the web page.
CTRL + SHIFT + DeleteOpen the Clear Browsing Data option
CTRL +Zoom-in.
CTRL –Zoom-out.
CTRL + 0Reset zoom.

Windows 10 Keyboard shortcuts Run Commands

Use the following to access locations such as Control Panel items, File Explorer shell folders quickly using the run command.

Opens/functionsPress Windows + R and type these
Open Documents Folderdocuments
Open Videos foldervideos
Open Downloads Folderdownloads
Open Favorites Folderfavorites
Open Recent Folderrecent
Open Pictures Folderpictures
Adding a new Devicedevicepairingwizard
About Windows dialogwinver
Add Hardware Wizardhdwwiz
Advanced User Accountsnetplwiz
Advanced User Accountsazman.msc
Backup and Restoresdclt
Bluetooth File Transferfsquirt
Change Computer Performance Settingssystempropertiesperformance
Change Data Execution Prevention Settingssystempropertiesdataexecutionprevention
Change Data Execution Prevention Settingsprintui
Character Mapcharmap
ClearType Tunercttune
Color Managementcolorcpl
Command Promptcmd
Component Servicescomexp.msc
Component Servicesdcomcnfg
Computer Managementcompmgmt.msc
Computer Managementcompmgmtlauncher
Connect to a Projectordisplayswitch
Control Panelcontrol
Create A Shared Folder Wizardshrpubw
Create a System Repair Discrecdisc
Data Execution Preventionsystempropertiesdataexecutionprevention
Date and Timetimedate.cpl
Default Locationlocationnotifications
Device Managerdevmgmt.msc
Device Managerhdwwiz.cpl
Device Pairing Wizarddevicepairingwizard
Diagnostics Troubleshooting Wizardmsdt
Digitizer Calibration Tooltabcal
DirectX Diagnostic Tooldxdiag
Disk Cleanupcleanmgr
Disk Defragmenterdfrgui
Disk Managementdiskmgmt.msc
Display Color Calibrationdccw
Display Switchdisplayswitch
DPAPI Key Migration Wizarddpapimig
Driver Verifier Managerverifier
Ease of Access Centerutilman
EFS Wizardrekeywiz
Event Viewereventvwr.msc
Fax Cover Page Editorfxscover
File Signature Verificationsigverif
Font Viewerfontview
Game Controllersjoy.cpl
IExpress Wizardiexpress
Internet Exploreriexplore
Internet Optionsinetcpl.cpl
iSCSI Initiator Configuration Tooliscsicpl
Language Pack Installerlpksetup
Local Group Policy Editorgpedit.msc
Local Security Policysecpol.msc
Local Users and Groupslusrmgr.msc
Location Activitylocationnotifications
Malicious Software Removal Toolmrt
Manage Your File Encryption Certificatesrekeywiz
Microsoft Management Consolemmc
Microsoft Support Diagnostic Toolmsdt
NAP Client Configurationnapclcfg.msc
Network Connectionsncpa.cpl
New Scan Wizardwiaacmgr
ODBC Data Source Administratorodbcad32
ODBC Driver Configurationodbcconf
On-Screen Keyboardosk
Pen and Touchtabletpc.cpl
People Near Mecollab.cpl
Performance Monitorperfmon.msc
Performance Optionssystempropertiesperformance
Phone and Modemtelephon.cpl
Phone Dialerdialer
Power Optionspowercfg.cpl
Presentation Settingspresentationsettings
Print Managementprintmanagement.msc
Printer Migrationprintbrmui
Printer User Interfaceprintui
Private Character Editoreudcedit
Problem Steps Recorderpsr
Programs and Featuresappwiz.cpl
Protected Content Migrationdpapimig
Region and Languageintl.cpl
Registry Editorregedit
Registry Editor 32regedt32
Remote Access Phonebookrasphone
Remote Desktop Connectionmstsc
Resource Monitorresmon
Resultant Set of Policyrsop.msc
SAM Lock Toolsyskey
Screen Resolutiondesk.cpl
Securing the Windows Account Databasesyskey
Set Program Access and Computer Defaultscomputerdefaults
Share Creation Wizardshrpubw
Shared Foldersfsmgmt.msc
Snipping Toolsnippingtool
Sound recordersoundrecorder
SQL Server Client Network Utilitycliconfg
Sticky Notesstikynot
Stored User Names and Passwordscredwiz
Sync Centermobsync
System Configurationmsconfig
System Configuration Editorsysedit
System Informationmsinfo32
System Propertiessysdm.cpl
System Properties (Advanced Tab)systempropertiesadvanced
System Properties (Computer Name Tab)systempropertiescomputername
System Properties (Hardware Tab)systempropertieshardware
System Properties (Remote Tab)systempropertiesremote
System Properties (System Protection Tab)systempropertiesprotection
System Restorerstrui
Task Managertaskmgr
Task Schedulertaskschd.msc
Trusted Platform Module (TPM) Managementtpm.msc
Turn Windows features on or offoptionalfeatures
User Account Control Settingsuseraccountcontrolsettings
Utility Managerutilman
Volume Mixersndvol
Windows Action Centerwscui.cpl
Windows Activation Clientslui
Windows Anytime Upgrade Resultswindowsanytimeupgraderesults
Windows Disc Image Burning Toolisoburn
Windows Explorerexplorer
Windows Fax and Scanwfs
Windows Firewallfirewall.cpl
Windows Firewall with Advanced Securitywf.msc
Windows Journaljournal
Windows Media Playerwmplayer
Windows Memory Diagnostic Schedulermdsched
Windows Mobility Centermblctr
Windows Picture Acquisition Wizardwiaacmgr
Windows PowerShellpowershell
Windows PowerShell ISEpowershell_ise
Windows Remote Assistancemsra
Windows Repair Discrecdisc
Windows Script Hostwscript
Windows Updatewuapp
Windows Update Standalone Installerwusa
Versione Windowswinver
WMI Managementwmimgmt.msc
XPS Viewerxpsrchvw


It is true that keyboard shortcut helps to do tasks easily and quickly. But it is difficult to remember all these shortcuts but some keyboard shortcuts are really important to remember. If this article “Windows 10 Keyboard shortcuts” really helps give me a thank you.

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