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Windows 10 Shuts Down Instead Of Sleep or Hibernating- How to fix it?

Windows 10 has a lot of features. Sleep mood/ Hibernating is one of them, although this feature was there on old operating windows there was less customization option. Suppose you are working, a small task comes to your mind. What will you do with your computer? Will you shut down it or keep it at sleep mood? Obviously you keep it at sleep mood because you will resume your work after a couple of minutes.

Sometimes Windows 10 Shuts Down when you put it to sleep mood or Hibernate state. Sudden shut down of windows creates a lot of trouble including; unsaved works, need to restart again, relaunch the specific programs. Let’s see how to fix the problem: Windows 10 shut down instead of going to sleep or hibernate.

What should I do if Windows 10 shuts down instead of sleep or hibernating?

Method 1: Check the Power Settings

Have you checked your power setting after you facing this problem? Sometimes user changes settings unknowingly. Or, new update installation may change power settings.

Right-click on the battery icon on the right side of the taskbar.

  1. Click on Power Options.
Change power options

2. Now, click on change plan settings.

change plan settings

3. Choose the power plan at a different scenario. You can choose time to turn off the display and put the computer to sleep on battery and plugged in condition.

change power settings

If you are using a desktop, you will not see the battery icon on the taskbar and the power plan for the battery is also missing.

Let’s see how to change power options on the desktop.

  1. Go to control panel. Press Win key + X and locate the control panel.
  2. Click on Hardware and Sounds> Power options.
  3. Choose the turn off the display and put the computer to sleep time.
Power plan for desktop

If the problem persists, choose the button functions.

  1. Click on Change what the power button do.
  2. Make sure all the options are set to Sleep.
Power plan for buttons

If you see the same problem, now go ahead and try second method

Method 2: Update your IMEI

  1. Type device manager on the search bar to open the Device Manager window. You can do it by pressing Win Key + X. Locate the device manager.
device manager

Find the system device and click on it.

2. Right-click on Intel Management Engine Interface and click on Update driver software.

update imip driver

3. If you find updating problem, uninstall the driver and download the latest version of the driver from intel website.

4. After downloading completed, double-click on it and follow the instructions.

5. Restart your computer.

The problem: Windows 10 shutdown instead of sleep may be the effect of outdated IMEI driver. So after doing the tasks restart the computer.

Method 3: Troubleshooting

Windows 10 automatically find faults and try to fix it. You can resolve the issue from Windows troubleshooting.

  1. Type troubleshoot and click on Troubleshoot settings.
  2. Scroll down and click on Power and select Run the troubleshooter.
Troubleshoot power option

3. Windows will find issue if any, then follow the instruction if it finds any issue.

Step 4: Update Windows

Step 1: Type update on the search bar. Click on update and security. Then locate Windows update.

Step 2: Download update and install it.

Step 3: Restart your computer.


If you have tried but no method works, try to install any driver updater to update the drivers. If still the issue continues, refresh your PC without affecting file.

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